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MIKTA – Mexico, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, Turkey, Australia

MIKTA Ministerial Communique, Buenos Aires, 11 December 2017

We, Ministers responsible for trade of MIKTA countries, participating in the 11th Ministerial Conference of the WTO (MC11) held on December 10-13, 2017, met on 11 December 2017 to exchange views on dynamics of global trade, and their impact on the WTO as a rules based, multilateral trading system.

MIKTA countries represent a great diversity of the international community but all benefit from open economies with robust growth rates and significant economic performance. MIKTA countries share their fundamental commitment to uphold the rules-based multilateral trading system, and the critical role the World Trade Organization has in supporting the system.

MIKTA Ministers believe that achieving meaningful and balanced outcomes at MC11 is essential for a strong and effective global trading system. This is particularly important as the global economy faces enormous challenges including increasing anti-trade and anti-globalization sentiment.

After having deliberations on substantive issues relating to the work of the WTO and the MC11 agenda, as well as other relevant matters regarding recent developments on trade, MIKTA Ministers;

Underlining the importance of WTO, as the backbone of the multilateral trading system, at a time of increasing challenges to international trade and to the multilateral trading system, reaffirm the significant role it has to play in advancing trade and global growth in an inclusive way,

Recognizing the role of MIKTA as an important platform for informal dialogue on trade related issues in further facilitating WTO discussions, emphasize the constructive endeavors made by MIKTA to deepen the discussions on issues, including new subjects, that gained high level of interest from a broad range of WTO members,

Highlighting the importance of the functions of regular bodies of the WTO, call on all WTO Members to preserve the integrity of the open, rules-based multilateral trading system the WTO embodies,

Underlining the essential role of the WTO Dispute Settlement System in safeguarding free and fair trade and recognizing the increased work load of the Dispute Settlement Body, which is also testament to the relevance of the WTO, reiterate the importance of ensuring its effective functioning, including by promptly filling all the vacancies of the Appellate Body,

Keeping in mind that the past two Ministerial Conferences in Bali and Nairobi have shown WTO's ability to deliver substantive results, emphasize our engagement and commitment to a successful MC11 and stand ready to exert collaborative efforts in order to make MC11 a success.

Last Updated: 12 December 2017
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