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Development assistance in Vietnam

Flag of Vietnam

Pillar 1 — Health security in Vietnam

To strengthen health security in Vietnam, Australia will promote a more resilient Vietnamese health system, better able to maintain full health service delivery in the event of further health security threats, including a future wave of COVID-19. Our global health investments will help strengthen Vietnam’s health systems, provide access to lower cost health products and address other major disease burdens, including tuberculosis and malaria. We will support equitable access to safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines in Vietnam through multilateral and regional initiatives to finance, assess, deliver, and monitor COVID-19 vaccines. Australia will continue its regional support for sexual and reproductive health. We will invest in Vietnamese innovation to support new health approaches, including the trial of artificial intelligence in COVID-19 responses.

We will increase links between Australian and Vietnamese scientists, health professionals, security forces and research institutions. This will include offering health fellowships, identifying health as a development priority within our scholarship programs, and linking scientific research efforts through CSIRO, Australia’s Centre for Disease Preparedness and the Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security.

Australia’s law enforcement agencies and defence forces will continue to exchange information with Vietnam to strengthen health security. Australia will contribute to COVID-19 recovery effort through ASEAN dialogues and forums. Australia will exchange knowledge with border officials on strengthening border reopening practices as the health situation improves.

Empower: Mekong Women’s Empowerment Project

$0.8 million, 2018-2022

In partnership with Marie Stopes International, Australia is helping women and girls in Vietnam to realise their economic potential through improved utilisation of sexual and reproductive health services, products and information.

The program also operates in Cambodia and Myanmar (total value $10.3 million).

Aus4Innovation- health security activities

Estimated $1.74m, 2019-21

Under Australia’s Aus4Innovation program a range of health security activities are being implemented, such as the CSIRO Aus4Innovation AI Pandemic Challenge Fund and work on low-cost ventilator design.

Additional information on the Aus4Innovation program can be found on the economic recovery pillar webpage.

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