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Development assistance in Vietnam

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Assisting the development and employment of a highly-skilled workforce in Vietnam

Assisting the development and employment of a highly-skilled workforce in Vietnam


Vietnam needs a highly skilled workforce to meet its objective of becoming an industrialised country by 2020. The Australia-Vietnam Human Resource Development Strategy 2014-2020 guides Australia's support for Vietnam's human resource development. The strategy aims to provide knowledge and skills through scholarships and short-term training to support alumni in their workplaces and to strengthen the links between Vietnam and Australia.

Assisting the development and employment of a highly skilled workforce fact sheet

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$38 million, 2016-2020

Aus4Skills (formerly Vietnam-Australia Human Resources Development Partnership) is supporting Vietnam to access and use high-level professional and technical knowledge, skills and competencies to contribute to the country's sustainable economic and social development. The program is building enduring links with Australia. The program components include promoting industry linkages with vocational education and training, improving the quality of universities in the Northern Mountainous Region, and advancing inclusive leadership

Support is delivered using a range of skills development tools: Australia Awards Scholarships, Australia Awards short courses and other informal learning opportunities such as workshops, study tours and technical assistance. Aus4Skills seeks to empower and provide opportunities for women, people with disabilities, people from remote areas and ethnic minorities. Aus4Skills also enables implementation of the Australian Alumni in Vietnam Strategy 2016-21. Aus4Skills is managed by Coffey.

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Australia Awards

The Australia Awards Scholarships in Vietnam aim to improve the quality of human resources in Vietnam through long term study in Australia. These scholarships equip leaders with skills and knowledge to personally drive change and influence development outcomes in Vietnam. They also strengthen public institutions and promote linkages between Australia and Vietnam. Priority areas of study include governance and economic growth, transport, water and sanitation, education, gender equality, agriculture and rural development, maritime security, regional stability and human rights.

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Australian Volunteers Program

Since 1985 more than 1,000 Australian volunteers have worked for a range of institutions - multilateral, private sector, government, and non-government organisations - in sectors of high priority for Vietnam's development.

The program matches skilled Australians from all walks of life with organisations in developing countries to help these organisations deliver their own objectives. Through meaningful volunteer assignments, the program creates enduring links between Australians and people and organisations in partner countries. The program is delivered by Australian Volunteers International (AVI) in consortium with Cardno and the Whitelum Group.

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Last Updated: 30 August 2019
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