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Development assistance in Tonga

Flag of Tonga

Pillar 1 – Health Security in Tonga


In collaboration with the Government of Tonga and other development partners, Australia’s budget support is boosting Tonga’s social protection mechanisms and leveraging fiscal and public sector policy reforms. Australia is contributing to private sector growth through support for growers to upgrade their operations and enter export markets, as well as identify vulnerabilities from COVID-19 and possible solutions.

Australia is working closely with the Government of Tonga on its COVID-19 response. We are committed to supporting Tonga’s efforts to achieve nationwide vaccination coverage, and delivered 54,990 Pfizer doses on 22 March through UNICEF. We have previously provided 19,000 Australian-produced AstraZeneca vaccines in 2021, and supported the delivery of another 48,000 AstraZeneca vaccines through COVAX. To ensure a complete health security response, Australia has also delivered over 70,000 rapid antigen tests in 2022, alongside significant medication equipment, personal protection equipment and medications.

Tonga Australia Support Platform (TASP)

Up to $25 million, 2021- 2026

The TASP is a multi-sector development platform consolidating the delivery of skills, labour mobility, health, economic governance and gender investments in Tonga. TASP aims to effectively support Tonga’s development objectives through program management, technical advice and grant management.

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