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Development assistance in Tonga

Flag of Tonga

Pillar 1 – Health Security in Tonga


In collaboration with the Government of Tonga and other development partners, Australia’s budget support is boosting Tonga’s social protection mechanisms and leveraging fiscal and public sector policy reforms. Australia is contributing to private sector growth through support for growers to upgrade their operations and enter export markets, as well as identify vulnerabilities from COVID-19 and possible solutions. Australia is adjusting our skills development and training programs in response to COVID-19, including through the Australia Pacific Training Coalition and the use of online training. We will advance our investments in climate resilience in Tonga through renewable energy partnerships with the ADB, which will help strengthen economic resilience and energy security in Tonga’s remote communities. 

Related initiatives

Tonga Health Systems Support

$18.9 million, 2015-2021 for Tonga Health Systems Support Program Phase II (THSSP2)

The Tonga Health Systems Support Program Phase II supports Tonga’s own strategy and planning for the health sector by providing support to its Ministry of Health to improve health service delivery, with a strong focus on non-communicable diseases. The program is also pivoting significant support to COVID-19 preparations including health communications, health worker training, and purchase of PPE.

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Name of document Year published
Partnership One – THSSP2 Evaluation Report and Management Response 2019

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

$3 million 2018-21 for Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) working in the WASH sector

Supporting improved water, sanitation and hygiene access is a key part of Australia’s partnership in Tonga. Australia is investing in WASH facilities, infrastructure and training for households, schools and communities. Australia’s support is helping households recover from cyclone damage, improve resilience to climate change and to be prepared for COVID-19.

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