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Australia–Sri Lanka 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations

Flag of Sri Lanka

Australia–Sri Lanka 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations

May 2017 marks 70 years of diplomatic ties between Australia and Sri Lanka.

The 70th Anniversary program aims to celebrate and strengthen this relationship through a calendar of events and activities that highlight our shared history, current connections and future opportunities.

Some of the major activities this year include:

  • a Memorandum of Understanding on Sport Cooperation;
  • a visit to Sri Lankan by a prominent Australia indigenous artist;
  • a social media campaign sharing the history of our relationship online;
  • a digital exhibition of our investment in aid and development in Sri Lanka; and
  • cultural and political visits in both directions.

The bilateral relationship has continued to strengthen and covers a broad range of issues, including economic and development cooperation, joint efforts against transnational crime, strong education linkages and engagement on issues of human rights and reconciliation.

The 70th Anniversary celebrations aim strengthen the relationship, by promoting:

  • the extent, longevity and consistency of our partnership;
  • the diversity and benefit of people-to-people links, including the contribution of the Sri Lankan diaspora to Australia's society, culture and economy;
  • new opportunities in Sri Lanka for Australian businesses; and confidence in Sri Lanka as a place to do business;
  • Australia's extensive contribution to Sri Lanka development; and
  • DFAT's foreign policy, trade and development effort in Sri Lanka to an Australian audience.
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