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Development assistance in the Philippines

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Improving conditions for peace and stability in the Philippines

Improving conditions for peace and stability in the Philippines


Australia is a long-standing supporter of efforts to secure a lasting peace in Mindanao. Australia's aid program in Mindanao supports stability and prosperity in the region by providing practical support for the peace process in Mindanao, improving economic development, addressing the drivers of conflict, and assisting post-conflict recovery in the wake of the Marawi crisis.

On 23 May 2017, pro-ISIL militants attacked Marawi City leading to a five-month siege and the displacement of more than 360,000 people. Since the Marawi crisis, Australia has provided $24 million to the Philippines to support the response, recovery and long-term peace building efforts for Marawi.

Australia supports the Bangsamoro peace process through the Australian Partnerships for Peace Program which builds on the successes of the Building Autonomous and Stable Institutions and Communities in the Bangsamoro (BASIC Bangsamoro) program, ended in December 2017.

In Muslim Mindanao, the region with the country's poorest education outcomes, Australia will continue to support a comprehensive education assistance program to reduce the gap in school participation and learning achievement in highly disadvantaged communities. Australia's efforts will continue to be pursued through the Education Pathways to Peace in Conflict-Affected Areas of Mindanao (PATHWAYS) program, which is a follow up to the Basic Education Assistance for Mindanao in the Autonomous Regional of Muslim Mindanao (BEAM-ARMM) program. Improving the quality of education in Muslim Mindanao is a priority for both the national government and the Bangsamoro authorities, and makes a strong contribution to our peace and stability objectives.

Related initiatives

Australian Partnerships for Peace Program

$12 million, 2017-2020

The program works with the communities at local level and builds on the successes of BASIC Bangsamoro program. The main objective of Australian Partnerships for Peace (APP) remains to support long-term stability and development in conflict-affected areas of Muslim Mindanao. APP is a competitive grants program implemented through international and local NGO partners that focuses on inclusive participation in the peace process and political dialogue (including a focus on women); investing in mechanisms for averting the escalation of violence; and strengthening community cohesion through religious leaders, women and youth (preventing/countering violent extremism).

Related documents*

Name of document Year published Type
Australian Partnerships for Peace Competitive Grant Program Guidelines 2017 Grant guidelines

Australia-World Bank Mindanao Trust Fund

$8.14 million, 2005 – 2019

The World Bank-administered Mindanao Trust Fund (MTF) is delivering community driven development, reconstruction and support for livelihoods in conflicted-affected communities, including in the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) camps.

Australia-World Bank Support to Task Force Bangon Marawi

$2.3 million, 2017 - 2019

The Support to Task Force Bangon Marawi (TFBM) investment is implemented by the World Bank. It will provide the Philippine Government technical assistance, just-in-time advisory services and information in support of early recovery, reconstruction and rehabilitation of Marawi City and surrounding areas. Activities will include:

  1. post-conflict needs assessment and development of the Bangon Marawi Comprehensive Rehabilitation and Recovery Program
  2. addressing post-conflict aspects (e.g. key interventions to promote peace, complex land issue in Marawi and community-based dispute or conflict-resolution mechanisms, etc.)
  3. hands-on technical assistance for implementation of TFBM deliverables. Tasks will be carried out at the national and local level with specific support by embedding consultants in the existing coordination mechanisms at the national and local level
  4. communication support
  5. coordination among development partners
  6. just-in-time knowledge products.

Education Pathways to Peace in Conflict-Affected Areas of Mindanao (PATHWAYS)

Estimated $90 million, 2017-2026

As a follow-on program to the BEAM-ARMM program, Education Pathways to Peace in Conflict-Affected Areas of Mindanao (PATHWAYS) aims to contribute to resilience, stability, peace and prosperity in Mindanao through improving educational performance and equity in the attainment of quality basic education by children in the ARMM. The program will focus on the least serviced populations to address issues of disparity and equity. Program activities will focus on early years learning, in particular kindergarten to grade 3 level to attain basic literacy and influence attitudes towards peace. It will also focus on capacity development in areas of curriculum development and delivery, teacher quality, data management and use, and inclusive engagement of stakeholders.

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* The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) is committed to high standards of transparency and accountability in the management of the Australian aid program through publishing information on our website, including policies, plans, results, evaluations and research. Our practice is to publish documents after the partner government and any other partners directly involved in the delivery of the initiative have been consulted. Not all material published on this site is created by the Australian aid program and therefore not all documents reflect our views. In limited circumstances some information may be withheld for reasons including privacy and commercial sensitivity.

Last Updated: 17 October 2018
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