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Development assistance in Pakistan

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Multi-sectorial policy priorities and investments in Pakistan

Multi-sectorial policy priorities and investments in Pakistan


Australia's support to Pakistan is underpinned by four important cross-cutting themes – women's empowerment, good governance and stabilisation and resilience. We recognise that progress in these areas is critical to Pakistan's ability to realise its development and economic objectives.

Women's empowerment

Gender equality is a core policy priority for Australia. Our aid investments in economic growth, education, health, and stabilisation and provide women and girls with the foundational skills for productive lives. Our policy dialogue promotes women's empowerment and participation in the country's growing economy.

Stability and resilience

Pakistan's stability is critical to both economic growth and human development, and regional security. Instability undermines economic growth, discourages private sector investment and results in high unemployment rates, particularly among youth. Pakistan's Vision 2025 policy links peace, security, and stability approaches with development interventions, and Australia will work to support stability through its aid investments. In times of crisis, Australia will support Pakistan's most vulnerable through additional humanitarian assistance.


Governance affects virtually all aspects of a country's prosperity. An effective public sector and functioning, predictable institutions provide the foundations for economic growth, private sector investment and trade. As many of these services are delivered at the provincial level in Pakistan, the Australian aid program supports provinces to deliver critical services in education, nutrition and rural infrastructure. Our policy dialogue focuses on the critical role that leaders, networks and coalitions play in promoting reforms and achieving development outcomes.

Cross-sectoral support programs

Australia will continue its Australia Awards program and will continue to build an active alumni network which brings together both scholarship and fee paying students to create new business and people-to-people links. The Australia Award scholarships align with our aid program objectives to build knowledge and skills in targeted sectors. We will make particular efforts to support women's career advancement and leadership development through our alumni engagement, and to promote disability inclusive development.

Australia will also explore innovative ways to connect Australia and Pakistan's universities including through institutional partnerships and technical exchanges, in order to contribute to human resources development and economic growth. Australia has committed to ensuring Australia Awards Alumni are using their skills, knowledge and networks to contribute to sustainable development in their country.

Australia Awards

In September 2018, there were 72 Pakistanis studying in Australia on long-term scholarships under the Australia Awards program. Pakistan Australia Awards scholarships are managed under the South & West Asia Regional Australia Awards program through Scope Global.

* The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) is committed to high standards of transparency and accountability in the management of the Australian aid program through publishing information on our website, including policies, plans, results, evaluations and research. Our practice is to publish documents after the partner government and any other partners directly involved in the delivery of the initiative have been consulted. Not all material published on this site is created by the Australian aid program and therefore not all documents reflect our views. In limited circumstances some information may be withheld for reasons including privacy and commercial sensitivity.

Last Updated: 16 October 2019
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