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Australia-Vanuatu Aid Partnership Arrangement

Australia-Vanuatu Aid Partnership Arrangement

The Australia-Vanuatu Aid Partnership Arrangement 2016 – 2019 establishes our shared vision to ensure development cooperation contributes as effectively and efficiently as possible to sustained and inclusive economic growth and reduced poverty in Vanuatu. The Partnership, built on the principles of equality, transparency and mutual benefit guides development cooperation between Vanuatu and Australia in line with Australia's aid policy Australian aid: promoting prosperity, reducing poverty, enhancing stability, and Vanuatu's development policy agenda, including the:

  • National Sustainable Development Plan 2016-2030
  • National recovery and Economic Strengthening Program Plan
  • National Gender Equality Policy

The priority goals of the Partnership are to facilitate close cooperation to promote prosperity, reduce poverty and enhance stability by focussing on strengthening private sector development and enabling human development in Vanuatu.

In addressing priority outcomes, Vanuatu and Australia agree that the Partnership should aim for four jointly determined strategic priorities:

  • Building resilient infrastructure and an environment for trade and economic opportunity, including in the productive sectors
  • Improving early education and essential health facilities
  • Improving community safety and resilience
  • Supporting cyclone recovery and reconstruction

The Partnership aims to achieve these four objectives whilst also integrating crosscutting issues such as youth, climate change and disaster resilience, gender equality and disability inclusion, all of which are critical to addressing the barriers to economic growth and poverty reduction in Vanuatu.

Australia works closely with government, civil society and the private sector through the Governance for Growth program to support development in Vanuatu. Building demand for better governance through civil society partnerships is an important element of Australia's support, by working with key institutions such as churches, as well as chiefs.

Gender is a core feature of all Australian aid programs in Vanuatu. Recognising that women are particularly disadvantaged in areas of decision-making and economic empowerment, Australia is working with the Vanuatu Government and women's organisations to support these development priorities.

Australia works with the Vanuatu Government and other donors to encourage growth in key productive sectors, in particular agriculture and tourism. Assistance focuses on market development in areas of comparative advantage for Vanuatu. Australian aid will help set up an enabling environment for the private sector through regulatory and state-owned enterprise reform.

The Australian Government is engaged with the Vanuatu Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities and the Public Works Department to provide appropriate rural road infrastructure in accordance with Vanuatu Government policy through the Roads for Development program.
Australia continues to support national health and education systems. Vanuatu Government leadership and management will deliver effective and equitable health services, improve literacy and numeracy skills in early education, and improve the quality and management of public expenditure.

The Vanuatu Police Force, justice agencies and the Vanuatu Women's Centre will deliver improved policing and justice services in targeted locations for women and children.

The Australian Government will continue to support cyclone recovery and reconstruction; people will have access to restored and more sustainable services, and resilient livelihood opportunities. This will allow communities to be more resilient to the adverse effects of natural disasters and climate change.

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Last Updated: 1 March 2017
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