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Pacific Partnerships for Development

Tuvalu–Australia Partnership for Development

Tuvalu–Australia Partnership for Development

Australia and Tuvalu signed the
Tuvalu–Australia Partnership for Development at the Pacific Islands Forum in Cairns on 6 August 2009. The Partnership establishes our shared vision to work together in close cooperation to meet our common challenges and to raise the standard of living for the people of Tuvalu.

In particular, this Partnership for Development seeks to advance Tuvalu's development vision as articulated in Te Kakeega II: National Strategy for Sustainable Development 2005–2015 (TKII), and make progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015.

Tuvalu and Australia have agreed that the Partnership for Development should initially focus on prudent management of limited financial resources to both achieve TKII priorities and support Tuvalu's longer-term economic prospects.

A joint study will also be commissioned by Tuvalu and Australia to analyse the costs and options for the delivery of government functions in Tuvalu over the long term. This study could include policy reforms that would assist the Government of Tuvalu to reduce economy-wide costs, foster economic growth and raise living standards. This approach recognises that the capacity of government to finance core functions over the long term also depends on its success in promoting economic growth and self reliance. In analysing policy reforms the study would consider options for engaging the private sector and civil society in service delivery, regional economic integration, and regional/sub-regional provision of public goods and services, consistent with the
Pacific Plan.

Annual Partnership Talks between senior officials of the two Governments, reporting to Ministers, will ensure joint, regular and evidence-based review of progress against the objectives and joint commitments of the Partnership for Development. These could take place at the time of the annual Tuvalu-Development Partner TKII Roundtable meeting.

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Last Updated: 4 November 2014
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