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Pacific Partnerships for Development

Solomon Islands–Australia Partnership for Development

Solomon Islands–Australia Partnership for Development

Australia and Solomon Islands signed the
Solomon Islands–Australia Partnership for Development at the Special Forum Leaders Meeting in Port Moresby on 27 January 2009. It establishes a shared vision to work together to meet common challenges and achieve improved development outcomes and sustainable improvements in the quality of life of all Solomon Islanders.

The Partnership reflects the ambitions articulated in Solomon Island's Medium Term Development Strategy 2008-2010 (MTDS). It specifically seeks progress by 2015 towards poverty reduction and the other Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Recognising that over 80 per cent of the Solomon Islands' population lives in rural areas, the initial Solomon Islands–Australia Partnership for Development set out four initial Priority Outcomes aiming to:

  • improve service delivery by strengthening public health functions so they are responsive to community health needs and support primary and secondary care. The Partnership will also investigate options for provision of new Australian assistance to the education sector
  • improve economic livelihoods by working to create long-term economic opportunities and livelihood security for Solomon Islanders, particularly those living in rural areas. The partnership will support more productive and sustainable utilisation of agricultural land, forests and marine resources, and the improved operation of markets
  • improve economic infrastructure to facilitate market access and service delivery by increasing access to reliable transport, energy and telecommunication services
  • address economic and fiscal challenges by increasing the effectiveness of public expenditure and assisting in the delivery of broad-based economic growth.

Annual Partnership for Development talks take place between senior officials of both Governments. These ensure joint evidence-based review of progress towards the objectives of the Partnership, and lead to a joint Partnership for Development Report to Ministers.

The Partnership for Development is now being updated to reflect changes agreed by both governments in the light of the transition of RAMSI development programs. The revised priority areas will be:

  • Service Delivery – including health and education
  • Improved Justice Services
  • Broad based Economic Growth – including infrastructure and livelihoods
  • Improved Governance.

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Last Updated: 4 November 2014
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