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Development assistance in Nauru

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Investing in nation building infrastructure in Nauru

Investing in nation building infrastructure in Nauru


The construction and maintenance of economic infrastructure in Nauru to support human development and foster commerce and trade is in Australia's interest.

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Nauru Infrastructure and Essential Services

Up to $8.1 million, 2018-2019

The Nauru Infrastructure and Essential Services Initiative supports the Government of Nauru in its planning, coordination and maintenance of essential infrastructure and utilities services. Australia will continue to work with the Government of Nauru in 2018-19 to identify key priorities for infrastructure development, further to our existing support in the education, health and utilities sectors.

Australia worked with the Asian Development Bank, through its Electricity Supply Security and Sustainability Project, to provide two new diesel generators for the Nauru Utilities Corporation in 2018, together with related auxiliary equipment and personnel trained in their operation and maintenance. Australia also funds the ongoing placement of an advisor to act as the Chief Executive Officer of the Nauru Utilities Corporation.

Australia and Nauru jointly co-funded a multi-purpose community sports complex, which was officially opened in September 2018. In addition to facilitating a variety of training and mass-participation sports, the facility will be used for community workshops and events, as well as regional meetings, conferences and training.

Australia is working with the Asian Development Bank, the Green Climate Fund and the Government of Nauru to build a climate resilient, safe deep water port to facilitate the timely delivery of essential supplies and to encourage increased trade and economic activity. Australia is also working with the Asian Development Bank to support management reform of the Port Authority which will promote improved operational capacity and long-term sustainability.

The building of new theatres, wards and associated service capabilities under Phase 2 of the Republic of Nauru Hospital Redevelopment Project was completed in February 2017. This project was jointly funded with the Department of Home Affairs, following a fire that destroyed four of the hospital buildings in 2013. The new facilities are providing the population with improved access to appropriate and affordable priority health facilities.

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Nauru Investment and Services Partnership Investment Review and Management Response 2018 Evaluation and management response

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  • See the Asian Development Banks Projects page for further information on the Nauru Electricity Supply Security and Sustainability Project, including current progress reports and reviews.

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Last Updated: 23 October 2018
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