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Development assistance in Laos

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Improving Laos' human resources through scholarships, training and organisational capacity building

Improving Laos' human resources through scholarships, training and organisational capacity building


The Government of Lao PDR has placed priority on building its human resource capacity to address existing skills gaps to sustain social development and economic growth and support new enterprise. In addition to its basic education support, Australia also assists human resource development in Lao PDR at the individual and institutional level to address existing shortages in skilled labour and to improve basic service delivery.

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Laos-Australia Institute

$14.4 million; 2014-2017

The Laos-Australia Institute is Australia's principal investment in human resource development in Lao PDR. It is offering targeted scholarships and professional development training opportunities for government, civil society and the private sector in priority areas that align with Australia's aid program. It complements aid investments in basic education, trade facilitation, rural development and water resource management.

The Laos-Australia Institute is strengthening public sector and civil society capacity in key ministries and organisations such as the Ministry of Education and Sports, the Ministry of Home Affairs, the National Commission for the Advancement of Women (NCAW), and the Lao Disabled People's Association. The Institute's program involves: working with partner organisations to undertake training needs analysis and human resource planning; facilitating institutional linkages; and providing targeted training (including English-language training), technical assistance and professional development opportunities.

The Institute focuses on policy development and its application. By assisting policy makers and planners, the Institute helps improve the quality of services provided by national and provincial organisations. The Institute targets women and people with disabilities through scholarships and professional development training to help them take-on leadership and management roles. The Institute is also strengthening participant networks, including Australia Awards alumni and organisational linkages.

The Institute manages a suite of scholarship programs. The Australia Awards program is enhancing leadership, knowledge and technical skills by providing study and professional development opportunities to future Lao leaders. The LANS program is supporting students from disadvantaged backgrounds to complete a Bachelor's degree at a Lao public university. The GOLPET program is building English language proficiency skills of public officials, enhancing the professional capacity of the Government of Laos' English language training staff and strengthening a peer network of English language trainers.

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Last Updated: 25 July 2016
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