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Development assistance in Fiji

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Pillar 2 – stability in Fiji


Australia supports Fiji's stability through a number of key partnerships. We have a long-standing partnership with Fiji's Education Sector through our partnership with the Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts (MEHA), aligning all of our support with MEHA's strategic priorities. Through our Institutional Partnerships Program (IPP) we will support Fiji's priorities to improve public financial management, public sector performance and policies for economic recovery and growth; and provide valued support for democratic processes, inclusive governance and policy making. We will also work closely with the Fijian Government and Gender Equality focussed organisations to increase gender equality and women's economic empowerment. We will leverage a number of global and regional initiatives, including Australia Awards, Australian Volunteer's, the Australian Pacific Climate Partnership and the Australia Pacific Training Coalition to support Fiji's resilience and stability.

Related initiatives

Australian Support to Fiji's Education Sector

Up to $25 million, 2018-2022

Australia's Support to Fiji's Education Sector is a five-year program (2017-2022), valued at up to AUD25 million, and administered by the Fiji Program Support Facility*. The Program is supporting the Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts' (MEHA) strategic priorities of systems strengthening, teacher preparation and development, literacy and numeracy, inclusive education, and the Fiji Education Management Information System (FEMIS); and the Fiji Government's civil service reforms in the education sector. The Program assists MEHA's efforts to provide quality learning and teaching through targeted support including demand driven technical assistance, grants to support analytics and partnerships.

Fiji Bilateral Governance Program

Up to $22 million, 2020-25

The Fiji-Australia Institutional Partnerships Program (IPP) seeks to support Fiji's stability, prosperity and resilience to shocks (including COVID-19). The IPP will support Fiji's priorities in areas including public financial management, public sector performance and policies for economic recovery and growth; and provide valued support for democratic processes, inclusive governance and policy making. The IPP contributes to implementation of the Vuvale Partnership through fostering closer institutional linkages in support of strong and inclusive societies. The program will support twinning relationship between Australia and Fijian Government agencies; work by multilateral organisations, development banks and other partners; and mobilise targeted technical assistance.

Pacific Women Shaping Pacific Development – Fiji

Up to $26 million, 2013-23

Through Pacific Women, the Australian Government will spend approximately $26 million over 10 years (2013–2023) on initiatives supporting women's empowerment in Fiji.

The second Fiji Country Plan (2018–2022) builds on successes and lessons learned from the first country plan (2013-2019). The second country plan will strengthen monitoring, evaluation and learning to better assess the interconnectedness of gender equality and promote processes that will build greater ownership of the program.  It will also increase reach to vulnerable groups such as women with disability and those in rural and remote areas and help develop a clearer strategy to address women's economic empowerment in Fiji.

The Country Plan also encourages coalitions of women's rights organisations committed to a Pacific where there is gender justice, ecological sustainability, peace, freedom, equality and human rights for all.

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The Fiji Women's Fund

Up to 10.5 million, 2017-2022

In 2017, Pacific Women established the Fiji Women's Fund (the Fund) to support women's groups, organisations and networks in Fiji through grants that promote gender equality. The ultimate aim is that the Fund will become an independent local entity supported by the private sector and local philanthropy.

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The Fiji Women's Crisis Centre

Up to $7.8 million, 2016-21

Fiji Women's Crisis Centre (FWCC) is an independent, local non-government organisation working towards the elimination of violence against women and girls in Fiji and the Pacific region. Australia has supported FWCC since 1990, in collaboration with the Government of New Zealand.

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Australia Awards - Fiji

Australia Awards is well positioned to support Fiji's strategic priorities through long-term capacity-building of Fijians, who can drive change during and beyond the pandemic. Working closely with key government and private sector partners, the program is committed to key sectors such as health, economic growth, infrastructure, environment and agriculture etc. Since 2012, more than 600 Australia Awards scholarships have been awarded to Fijians to study at higher education institutions in Australia and the Pacific.

Supporting programs

As well as our Fiji specific programs, Australia will support Fiji's development priorities through the following regional, global and international initiatives, all of which operate in Fiji.

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