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Australia takes centre stage

Australia takes centre stage

Australia takes centre stage: infographic. Text version below

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Australia Takes Centre Stage

  • According to the ABS, in 2013-14 Australian music earned A$72 million in global royalties – of which nearly half came from the EU.
  • The EU forms the largest group of overseas-born residents in Australia
  • Australia's selected major exports to EU:
    • Recreational travel
    • Coal
    • Education
  • Australia's selected major imports from the EU:
    • Recreational travel
    • Passenger motor vehicles
    • Medicines
  • Australia has only competed in Eurovision twice, but many Australian's have competed for other countries, including:
    • Olivia Newton-John for the UK in 1974
    • Gina G for the United Kingdom in 1996
    • Johnny Logan for Ireland in 1980 & 1987
  • Did you know: Over 2 million Australian residents were born in European countries?
  • As of December 2014, EU direct investment in Australia was worth A$170 billion & employed over 376,000 Australians – roughly equivalent to the population of Canberra
Last Updated: 9 May 2016
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