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Development assistance in Cambodia

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Stability in Cambodia

Australia-Cambodia Cooperation on Equitable Sustainable Services (ACCESS)

$25 million, 2018-2023

ACCESS aims to improve the sustainability, quality and inclusiveness of services for persons with disabilities and for women affected by gender-based violence (GBV). The program works in partnership with the Cambodian Government to support the implementation of the National Action Plan to Prevent Violence Against Women and the National Disability Strategic Plan. Activities include interventions at the national level and across 15 provinces in Cambodia. Stage 1 of ACCESS (2018-2021) completed in September 2021, with Stage 2 currently underway (2021-2023).

ACCESS reflects Australia's strong commitment to supporting human rights, gender equality and disability-inclusive development in our region. The program recognises Cambodia's transition to (lower) middle-income status and significant access to public and private sector funding. ACCESS works with the Ministry of Women's Affairs, Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth, the Disability Action Council and the Ministry of Economy and Finance to plan and use resources more effectively for GBV and disability-related services.

ACCESS is strengthening the capacity of Cambodian Government, civil society and private sector service providers to sustainably improve services for persons with disabilities and women affected by GBV. For persons with disabilities, services include physical rehabilitation and inclusive economic services. For women affected by GBV, ACCESS is targeting health care, legal protection services, and other critical social services, while supporting a coordinated, multi-sectoral approach to service delivery.

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Support to the Khmer Rouge Tribunal

$46 million, 2003-2022

This initiative contributes to a multi-donor fund that supports the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC), a Tribunal set up to bring those most responsible for the crimes of the Khmer Rouge regime to justice (the Khmer Rouge Tribunal). The ECCC is creating a public, detailed and independent record of the extensive, serious crimes of the Khmer Rouge regime. It is promoting the rule of law, fair trial rights and capacity-building within the Cambodian judicial system by giving local judicial officials the opportunity to work alongside senior international lawyers and judges. It is also helping victims and their families come to terms with their suffering and establishing an important record of what happened.

Data and Dialogue for Development in Cambodia (Ponlok Chomnes)

$2.9 million, 2019-2022

Ponlok Chomnes aims to strengthen the capacity of Cambodian institutions to undertake quality research that informs public policy analysis and dialogue in Cambodia. This will be realised through a set of mutually-reinforcing activities conducted under four program objectives to: i) increase understanding of Cambodia's knowledge sector; ii) strengthen the capacity and networking ability of established knowledge sector institutions; iii) support research by emerging knowledge sector actors; and iv) promote thoughtful and inclusive policy dialogue and analysis.

The program is managed by The Asia Foundation and is working with think tanks, universities, civil society organisations and government agencies to support their engagement in constructive policy discussions. It will also seek to leverage models and expertise from Australia and other Southeast Asian countries.

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Ponlok Chomnes: Data and Dialogue for Development in Cambodia, implemented by The Asia Foundation – $5.8 million over 2019 – 2023

Public Financial Management Cambodia

$2 million, 2018-2023

This program of support promotes effective governance and diminishes opportunities for corruption in Cambodia. The program is administered by the World Bank Cambodia and used to finance public financial management reform activities including (a) enhancing domestic revenue mobilization, (b) strengthening budgeting, planning, and expenditure management, (c) implementing performance systems for enhanced service delivery, and (d) supporting innovation, monitoring, coordination, communication, and capacity building.

Australia Awards Cambodia

Australia supports Cambodia's education sector through our long-running Australia Awards Scholarships program. Since 1994 almost 900 Cambodians have been supported to study in Australia through Australia Awards Scholarships.

We target our education support primarily through scholarships, as this is where we can make a significant difference to Cambodia's human resources development and complement the large number of donors supporting basic education. Our scholarships fill a development gap – Australia Awardees must demonstrate they will make a contribution to Cambodia’s development and they generally study disciplines such as agriculture and health which are less likely to be studied by privately-funded students.

Australian alumni are also brand ambassadors. A study for the Australia Awards Scholarships program in Cambodia found that Australia is seen as a safe, supportive and high-quality place to study. Ninety four per cent of alumni who participated in the survey had a positive impression of Australia, and over 99 per cent would recommend Australia as a place to study.

The Australian Alumni Association of Cambodia is a supportive partner of the Australia Awards Scholarships, and has a large and growing membership.

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Study of DFAT's Australia Awards in Cambodia: tracer study of Cambodian Alumni (1996-2013) 2014 Report
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Australian Volunteers program in Cambodia

Australian volunteers play a vital role in the fight against poverty and contribute to the Government's public diplomacy objectives. Volunteering overseas is one way that Australians can make a positive contribution to poverty reduction, sustainable development and cross-cultural understanding.

Australian Volunteers are placed with host organisations, including non-government and civil society organisations, educational institutions and government departments. Australian volunteers are from a wide range of professions, with diverse skill sets and experiences. Volunteer assignments range from three to 24 months.

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