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Development assistance in Bangladesh

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Economic recovery in Bangladesh


Australia will support Bangladesh’s longer-term economic recovery, including investing in human capital and job creation through our partnerships with BRAC, UCEP, non-government and multilateral organisations. We will support Bangladesh’s efforts to enhance the quality of transport and energy infrastructure, and revitalise and diversify trade and investment, including through multilateral trade and infrastructure investments. We will help Bangladesh to plan and leverage private and multilateral development bank finance, and to access technical expertise, improve climate and disaster resilience, shift to low-carbon and inclusive development and improve regional connectivity.

Australia and Bangladesh intend to pursue new opportunities to promote trade and investment so that our companies can support a shared economic recovery from COVID-19. Private sector opportunities in growth industries, such as information technology, will be supported through Australia’s new Emerging Markets Impact Investment Fund, the Business Partnerships Platform and CSIRO.

Further information, including situation analysis, expected outcomes and key results can be found in the Bangladesh COVID-19 Development Response Plan.

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Skills for Economic Growth and Prosperity

$12 million, 2019 to 2022

This new partnership with a Bangladesh NGO, the Underprivileged Children’s Education Program (UCEP), provides pathways through education into vocational skills training and job placement for poor children and adolescents in urban areas, especially women and girls. UCEP’s partnerships with the private sector are facilitating the critical connections between education, training and employment that are needed to deliver the workforce industry needs in Bangladesh.

Additional information on the partnership can be found on Underprivileged Children’s Education Program.

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