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Bilateral partnerships

Partnership arrangement on international development between the government of the Republic of Singapore and government of Australia

The Government of the Republic of Singapore and the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia (individually a "Participant" and collectively, the "Participants"),

Reaffirming the strong state of bilateral relations and the elevation of ties between the Participants through the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership;

Recalling the prior cooperation arrangements between the Participants on third country training programs;

Recognising the significant achievements of this previous collaboration to support human resource development in the public sectors of ASEAN Member States and the strong basis this provides for further development cooperation between the Participants;

Desiring to further enhance their cooperation through a new development partnership; the Government of the Republic of Singapore, represented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (referred to as TCD), and the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia, represented by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (referred to as DFAT), having decided to cooperate in development activities, including but not limited to, technical cooperation and capacity building;

Have reached the following understandings:

I. Partnership Principles

  1. This Partnership Arrangement ("Arrangement") will be guided by the following principles:
    1. An emphasis on pursuing opportunities of mutual interest to the Participants;
    2. Acknowledgement of the particular contributions from each Participant and recognition that the Participants have different but complementary strengths; and
    3. Recognition of the comparative advantage each Participant brings to the planning and delivery of development and technical assistance.

II. Shared Objectives

  1. The Participants are both committed to:
    1. Promoting sustainable economic growth for development and poverty reduction in the Asia-Pacific region;
    2. Pursuing effective and efficient development and technical assistance programs;
    3. Learning from their respective experiences working with third countries in the region;
    4. Championing environmental and social safeguards;
    5. Promoting increased opportunity for women in third countries in the region;
    6. Engaging with other development stakeholders;
    7. Consulting on development assistance issues of shared interest; and
    8. Seeking further opportunities for cooperation.

III. Implementing Agencies

  1. The implementing agency for this Arrangement for the Government of Australia will be the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
  2. The implementing agency for this Arrangement for the Government of the Republic of Singapore will be the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

IV. Priority Areas, Coordination and Implementation

  1. The Participants will convene an annual dialogue to:
    1. Discuss policy matters on technical cooperation and development;
    2. Exchange views on international development issues; and
    3. Decide on activities to be conducted under this Arrangement.
  2. The Participants will jointly decide upon a work program as a subsidiary arrangement to this Arrangement. The work program will be an evolving document that the Participants will update after each of the annual policy dialogues referred to in paragraph 5 above, and will be recorded as an Annex to this Arrangement.
  3. This Arrangement does not create any commitments for Participants of specific funds or resources. Both Participants will make a joint contribution (financial, technical or in-kind) to any program undertaken pursuant to this Arrangement. Participant contributions will be negotiated and detailed in subsidiary arrangements to this Arrangement. Activities will be carried out in in accordance with each Participant's respective laws and regulations, and subject to the availability of funds.

V. Accountability, Monitoring and Assessment

  1. To ensure accountability for results, all cooperation activities under this Arrangement may be subject to evaluation, monitoring and assessment, the details of which would be set out in subsidiary arrangements to be mutually decided by the Participants.

VI. Child Protection

  1. The Participants will ensure that children are protected from all forms of abuse in connection with cooperation activities implemented under this Arrangement.

VII. Prevention of Financing of Terrorism

  1. The Participants will cooperate to ensure that any funding provided by either Participant for a cooperation activity under this p Arrangement is not used, directly or indirectly, to provide support to individuals or entities associated with terrorism. If either Participant discovers that funding provided for a cooperation activity has been used contrary to this paragraph, it will inform the other Participant immediately.

VIII. Status and Disputes

  1. This Arrangement embodies the understandings of the Participants. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in this Arrangement or any action taken by the Participants pursuant to this Arrangement shall be construed as conferring any legal rights or obligations on either Participant or any third party, or creating a joint venture, agency relationship, fiduciary relationship or a legal relationship between the Participants.
  2. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Arrangement will be resolved by mutual amicable consultations and negotiations between the Participants.

IX. Amendment

  1. This Arrangement may be amended in writing by the mutual consent of both Participants. Such amendments shall come into effect on such date as mutually agreed by the Participants.
  2. Any amendment of this Arrangement will be without prejudice to any undertakings or commitments incurred under this Arrangement prior to the effective date of such amendment.

X. Effective Date & Duration

  1. This Arrangement will take effect on the date of its signature by both Participants for an initial period of three (3) years, unless terminated earlier by a Participant in accordance with paragraphs 16 and 17 of this Arrangement. This Arrangement will continue to have effect thereafter unless otherwise mutually decided in writing by both Participants.

XI. Termination

  1. Either Participant may terminate this Arrangement by giving written notice to the other Participant of its intention to terminate this Arrangement at least six (6) months prior to the intended date of termination.
  2. The termination or expiry of this Arrangement will not affect the implementation of any projects or activities conducted under this Arrangement which are in progress at the time of the notification of such termination or of such expiry, unless both Participants jointly decide otherwise.

Signed at Singapore and Canberra on this twentry-sixth day of June 2015, in two originals in the English language, each being equally valid.

For the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Republic of Singapore
Mr Chee Wee Kiong
Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Singapore

For the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade,
Commonwealth of Australia
Mr Philip Green
Australian High Commissioner to Singapore
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Commonwealth of Australia

Last Updated: 31 August 2015
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