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Women studying Electro-technology

Each year the Australia-Pacific Technical College (APTC) graduates scores of girls and young women – often in areas and trades more traditionally associated with men. Ms. Leisongi Friam, from Vanuatu, and Ms. Pisilia Mausia from Tonga are both sponsored by the Australian government to train for an Australia-wide recognized Certificate III in Electro technology at the campus in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

"In, Tonga, men are surprised to see me doing electrical work. Not a lot of girls do it. So I am keen to get formal qualifications. It is really important for people in Tonga to know more about the importance of electrical trades." - Ms. Pisilia Mausia

Ms. Friam said her dream is to start her own business on returning to Vanuatu, where she would eventually be able to offer jobs and train others in the skills learned at APTC. "I chose to study at APTC in PNG because APTC is recognized across the Pacific. When my friends heard of that decision, they would ask 'why do you want to become an electrician?' I would say, 'If men can do it, women can do it'", Ms. Friam said.

Last Updated: 7 October 2016
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