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Tropical Cyclone Winston

Objective 3: Tropical Cyclone Winston

Tropical Cyclone Winston caused widespread damage in Fiji on 20-21 February 2016. It was the strongest tropical cyclone ever recorded in the southern hemisphere, causing 44 deaths and affecting more than sixty per cent of the population of Fiji (about 540,000 people).

Working closely with the Fiji Government, Australia provided $35 million in assistance. This included:

  • an initial $5 million package of immediate assistance to provide lifesaving supplies and support for people affected by the disaster, and a further $10 million to help children return to school, ensure health services reached affected communities and prioritise the protection of vulnerable people; and
  • $20 million to help Fiji's longer term recovery and reconstruction efforts, including rebuilding damaged or destroyed schools and health facilities, replacing damaged medical equipment and restoring water and sanitation services. This assistance is also being used to repair and rebuild damaged markets, enabling farmers and market vendors to return to work.

The Australian Defence Force also provided extensive support, deploying assets and personnel to Fiji.

For more information on Fiji please visit our country webpage.

Ttropical Cyclone Winston infographic

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