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Aid for trade

Pacific aid for trade seminar, October 2016, Brisbane

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) held a regional Pacific-focused aid for trade seminar in Brisbane on 13-14 October 2016. This followed the successful regional Asia-focused seminar held in early 2016. DFAT program managers/officers from Pacific posts participated along with two New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade officers. Specialists and representatives from other donors were also involved, including the World Bank Group, World Vision Australia, the Asian Development Bank, DHL, Fairtrade Australia along with guest speakers from three universities – University of Queensland, Melbourne University and the University of Adelaide.

This seminar, by bringing together aid for trade specialists, presented an opportunity to review our aid for trade priorities, future directions and discussed innovative solutions. The seminar was important to ensure the quality of aid for trade investments are maintained, including by identifying new approaches to financing and networking for future collaboration and partnerships. The program for the seminar, including the presentations can be accessed below.

Aid for trade seminar program

Day 1

Economics and history – trade and development, and the Global Aid for Trade Initiative

The economics of trade and development - Professor Shandre Thangavelu, Institute of International Trade, University of Adelaide

Trade liberalization, integration and inclusive growth [PDF 1.90 MB]

What is Aid for Trade? (including the OECD DAC codes, and the history of the Global Aid for Trade Initiative)

Australia's aid for trade approaches - Arnold Jorgé, Multilateral Aid for Trade Section, OTN, DFAT

Australia's Aid for Trade [PDF 1.93 MB] | [PPTX 3.40 MB]

Group exercise: Identifying aid for trade elements in line with OECD DAC Codes

  • Kathy Salter, DFAT Multilateral Aid for Trade Section
  • Arnold Jorgé, DFAT Multilateral Aid for Trade Section

Aid for trade in the Pacific – old and new issues

Pacific engagement in the multilateral trading system - Alex Kerangpuna, Director, PIFS, Geneva

Pacific engagement in the multilateral trading system [PDF 1.73 MB] | [PPTX 7.44 MB]

Pacific Investment Climate Rapid Response - Jonathon Kirkby, Investment Climate, Trade & Competitiveness, IFC

World Bank Group work in investment policy and trade facilitation [PDF 1.84 MB] | [PPTX 5.69 MB]

Operating in the Pacific - Frank Yourn, Executive officer, Pacific Business Connection

Pacific Business Presentation Slide [PDF 33 KB] | [PPTX 132 KB]

Logistics and e-commerce in the Pacific - Ben Somerville, Senior Manager, Customs and Regulatory Affairs, Oceania, DHL

Fiji and Pacific Islands - regional aid for trade seminar [PDF 2.28 MB] | [PPTX 1.68 MB]

Monitoring and evaluation: the importance of having the right framework

The experience of aid for trade on policy and regulatory reform including findings and recommendations of the Office of Development Effectiveness review of trade facilitation investments - Kanu Negi, DFAT Office of Development Effectiveness, DFAT

ODE review of trade facilitation investments [PDF 1.87 MB] | [PPTX 2.73 MB]

Aid for Trade, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Climate Change

SDGs and trade - Molly Harriss Olson, CEO, Fairtrade Australia

FairTrade Australia Global Aid for Trade Brisbane Presentation [PDF 4.57 MB]

Aid for Trade, Trade and Climate Change Resilience - Professor Jon Barnett, University of Melbourne: Climate Change Adaptation and Trade

JBarnett UM Climage Change Adaptation and Trade [PDF 805 KB] | [PPTX 4.54 MB]

Rachel Swain, DFAT Multilateral Aid for Trade Section, OTN, DFAT

Integration of climate change resilience in aid for trade investments [PDF 902 KB] | [PPTX 1.84 MB]

Aid for Trade and Women's Economic Empowerment

Trade and women's economic empowerment (departmental strategies and policies) - Sarah Goulding, Senior Gender Specialist, Gender Equality Branch, DFAT

Gender equality in aid for trade: how can we do better? [PDF 1.14 MB] | [PPTX 3.37 MB]

The Billum Project experience in PNG - Julienne Leka-Maliaki, Program Manager (Governance), DFAT Port Moresby Post.

Bilum Export Promotion Association (BEPA) [PDF 2.64 MB] | [PPTX 1.34 MB]

Day 2

Pacific economies and the benefits of trade agreements

Pacific economies – current state and prospects - Professor John Asafu-Adjaye, School of Economics, University of Queensland

Unilateral liberalisation or trade agreements? Which way forward for the Pacific [PDF 1.05 MB] | [PPTX 236 KB]

Trade Finance opportunities in the Pacific - Edward Faber, Trade FinnceAsian Development Bank

ADB Trade Finance Program [PDF 2.11 MB] | [PPTX 6.03 MB]

The benefits of PACER Plus - Dr Edwini Kessie, Chief Trade Advisor, OCTA

Development benefits of PACER Plus for the forum island countries [PDF 564 KB] | [PPTX 303 KB]

PACER Plus negotiations: a brief update and aid for trade elements - Dr Evanor Palac-McMiken, Chief Negotiator PACER Plus, DFAT, Australia

PACER Plus Development Cooperation Presentation [PDF 913 KB] | [PPTX 686 KB]

Group discussion: Identifying aid for trade investments

  • Kathy Salter, Multilateral Aid for Trade Section, OTN
  • Dr Evanor Palac-McMiken, PACER Plus Section, PAD

Sharing experiences on aid for trade investments

Private sector perspective - Chad Morris, Manager, Investment & Tourism, Pacific Trade and Invest.

Aid for trade - private sector perspective [PDF 2.60 MB] | [PPTX 5.99 MB]

New Zealand's approach to aid for trade investment in the Pacific - Tessa Te Mata, Chief Negotiator PACER Plus, New Zealand MFAT

New Zealand's approach to aid for trade [PDF 410 KB] | [PPTX 235 KB]

Innovative approaches to investing in SMEs - Mark Harwood, Manager, Social Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, World Vision Australia

Innovations in market systems [PDF 4.66 MB] | [PPTX 25.42 MB]

Posts perspectives

Fiji experience

  • Marina Illingworth, Senior Program Manager, Growth for Governance, DFAT Suva Post
  • Ma'ake Komailevuka, Growth for Governance, DFAT Suva Post

Pacific Horticulture and Agriculture Market Access (PHAMA) Program [PDF 1.24 MB] | [PPTX 7.44 MB]

Solomon Islands experience - Jasmine Cernovs, Counsellor-Economics and Strategy, DFAT Honoria Post

Solomon Islands experience: Aid for Trade [PDF 1.02 MB] | [PPTX 3.49 MB]

Vanuatu experience

  • Matt Harding, Counsellor-Economics, DFAT Port Vila Post
  • Jennifer Kalpolas, Senior Program Manager, Governance for Growth, DFAT Port Vila Post

Aid for trade - the Vanuatu experience [PDF 879 KB] | [PPTX 2.0 MB]

Last Updated: 26 October 2016
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