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Performance management and results

Performance management and results

The Australian Government's performance framework for the aid program, Making Performance Count, outlines how we measure performance and ensure a strong focus on results and value for money.

  • At the strategic level, 10 high level targets assess the aid program against key goals and priorities as outlined in the Government's development policy.
  • At the country and regional program level, program specific performance benchmarks are published in Aid Investment Plans to measure the effectiveness of our portfolio of investments.
  • Progress is reported annually in Aid Program Performance Reports for country and regional programs.
  • Aid investments are subject to annual Aid Quality Checks to ensure they are performing well and achieving their intended results. To ensure funding is directed to investments making the most difference, poorly performing investments will be cancelled if they do not improve within a year.
  • The performance of key aid delivery partners is also assessed annually through Partner Performance Assessments.

Each year a Performance of Australian Aid report summarises progress made in implementing the 10 strategic targets for the aid program. It also includes a summary of country, regional and global program performance, as well as, sector and thematic performance.

In addition to the measures outlined in Making Performance Count, the aid program is subject to several independent mechanisms which help to improve the effectiveness of Australia's aid. These include:

  • Independent evaluations of aid investments commissioned by ODE and the Department
  • Audits by the Australian National Audit Office
  • Periodic reviews by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development's Development Assistance Committee (OECD DAC).
Last Updated: 1 April 2019
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