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The Office of Development Effectiveness

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Other work

Pre-2012 publications

View our pre-2012 publications.

Reviews of uptake of ODE recommendations

The annual 'Review of Uptake of ODE Recommendations' reports assess the department's progress in implementing management responses to recent ODE evaluations. The first report was produced in 2014. The review has three objectives:

  • To assess the extent to which actions proposed in management responses have been implemented by program areas.
  • To determine if ODE evaluations have influenced aid program management and policy.
  • To identify lessons to improve the impact of future ODE evaluations.

Review documents

Discussion papers

Impact Evaluation: A discussion paper for AusAID practitioners

This discussion paper was designed to support appropriate and effective use of impact evaluations. It was intended to provide staff with a definition, guidelines and minimum standards for impact evaluations.

Sector-Wide Approaches in the Health Sector

This report presented the findings from a desk-based review of evidence on the effectiveness of donor support for the health sector. It looked at the use of sector-wide approaches, sector budget support and government systems in six countries (Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, and Solomon Islands) where the Australian aid program had used such approaches and/or systems. The report was based on the findings of donors' (including Australia) experience in supporting sector-wide approaches in Asia and the Pacific. It did not evaluate the effectiveness of Australia's broader interventions in health system reform.

Last Updated: 9 February 2017
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