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The Office of Development Effectiveness

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About ODE

The Office of Development Effectiveness (ODE) is a unit within the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade which monitors the quality and assesses the impact of the Australian aid program.

ODE's work plays an intrinsic role in DFAT's efforts to identify what is working and what is not, and to build on successful approaches.

ODE’s function has been temporarily revised in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. ODE is leading DFAT’s Real Time Monitoring Project to support Department’s COVID-19 response.

ODE's work to support the Australian aid program spans three main areas:

DFAT's aid performance management system, like that of other aid donors, relies heavily on self-assessment. ODE's independent oversight and evaluation work is therefore an important check and complement to this process, enhancing accountability and building stronger evidence for more effective aid.

ODE's work is subject to the external oversight of the Independent Evaluation Committee (IEC). While the IEC helps to ensure ODE's independence, ODE's position within DFAT provides it with direct access to aid management systems and personnel. This puts ODE in a good position to understand and influence the work of the department.

For a summary of ODE's role and impact from 2006 to 2016, read ODE: 10 years on.

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