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The Office of Development Effectiveness

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ODE’s work during the COVID-19 pandemic

ODE’s work plan has been revised in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The revisions have been approved by the DFAT Secretary and endorsed by the Independent Evaluation Committee.

ODE is focussing on evaluative work to support DFAT’s COVID response while continuing performance and quality analysis that is key to ensuring the accountability of Australian aid investments and documenting achievements.

Strategic evaluations are suspended and performance quality work has been scaled back. ODE will not publish a formal evaluation plan for 2020.

Real-time monitoring of DFAT’s COVID-19 response

ODE is leading a real-time monitoring project to support DFAT’s COVID-19 response. DFAT's response is being monitored and evaluated using interviews, observation and document review.

Staff are being given opportunities to voice thoughts, ideas and concerns through an online feedback mechanism.

The project will provide rapid feedback to the Senior Executive team on strengths and weaknesses of DFAT’s COVID response and identify ways in which the response could be improved.

Quality assurance of reporting on aid investments

ODE is continuing to monitor DFAT's aid performance management and reporting systems and independently quality assuring the assessments they produce.

Work is focussed on key accountability work to ensure outcomes from Australian aid investments are documented accurately. ODE is currently quality assuring reports submitted by investment managers when aid investments are completed (Final Aid Quality Checks).

Supporting evaluative work being done across DFAT

ODE is continuing to provide support to DFAT staff managing evaluations and monitoring aid investments as requested. ODE provides guidance material on how to manage an evaluation through the Aid Programming Guide.

Good practice examples of evaluation terms of reference, evaluation plans and management responses are available on the good practice evaluation products webpage.

ODE is also continuing to provide advice and quality assurance for high value investments and for other investments as requested.

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