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As the leading economic forum in the Asia-Pacific, APEC has delivered substantial gains for businesses and consumers alike in Australia and throughout the region. APEC is pursuing an ambitious agenda of trade liberalisation, business facilitation, economic cooperation and technical assistance. The private sector engages closely with the APEC process, particularly through the APEC Business Advisory Council.

China is the current APEC host, with the Philippines to take over the role in 2015 and Peru in 2016.

  • APEC's goal is to achieve free and open trade and investment in the region by 2020.
  • Since 1989, average applied tariffs in the APEC region have fallen from 16.9 to 5.7 per cent.
  • Eight of Australia's 10 largest export markets are within APEC, including our top three export markets – China, Japan and Korea.
  • APEC has 21 member economies which account for 47 per cent of world trade and 71 per cent of Australia's total trade.
APEC Members
Australia Brunei Darussalam
Canada Chile
China Hong Kong (SAR China)
Indonesia Japan
Republic of Korea Malaysia
Mexico New Zealand
Papua New Guinea Peru
The Philippines Russian Federation
Singapore Chinese Taipei
Thailand United States

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Last Updated: 2 February 2015
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