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Export Finance Australia: Powering Australian expertise overseas

Export Finance Australia is the Australian Government’s export credit agency. It provides commercial finance to help Australian businesses grow their exports and succeed overseas. It also supports infrastructure projects in the Indo-Pacific that deliver benefits for Australia and the region.

Export Finance Australia has over 60 years’ experience helping Australian exporters, including in the renewable energy sector. Its products include loans, bonds and guarantees which can finance export businesses or companies working in an export supply chain. Export Finance Australia can also provide financing to an overseas buyer or provide support to an overseas project that involves Australian companies.

“Demand for renewable energy is strong throughout the region and there are opportunities for Australian companies to leverage their technical capabilities overseas,” said Export Finance Australia’s Managing Director and CEO, Swati Dave.

“Our mandate changed in 2019, enabling us to finance infrastructure projects in the Indo-Pacific region provided they demonstrate benefits to Australia and the region.

“Under our infrastructure mandate, we’re looking at a number of renewable energy projects in the Indo-Pacific. Our involvement will help create opportunities for Australian businesses.”

In the past, Export Finance Australia has helped Australian exporters specialising in solar energy equipment supply, wind power and fast point chargers for electric vehicles.

For more information visit or call 1800 093 724.

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