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Quick guide to the IA-CEPA skills package

Two Indonesian students taking a selfie at the New Colombo Plan reception at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta.
Indonesian students attending a New Colombo Plan reception at the Australian Embassy, Jakarta, January 2020. Credit: Australian Embassy Jakarta.

Vocational Education

IA-CEPA guarantees that Australian suppliers can own 67 per cent of investments in the work training sector. Australian providers can establish a work training business anywhere in Indonesia and the requirements for Australian trainers will be accepted.

IA-CEPA also guarantees that Australian training providers in this sector can offer all Australian Qualifications Framework qualifications, and Indonesian Qualifications Framework qualifications levels 1-5 in subject matters including technical and engineering, business administration, languages, tourism, management, information technology, art and agriculture.

Reciprocal Skills Exchange Program

This pilot project gives businesses from each country the opportunity to send people with tertiary-level skill qualifications to undertake work-related training for up to six months in the other country.

On entry into force of IA-CEPA, the pilot project will apply to the following sectors: financial and insurance services; mining, engineering and related technical services; and, information media and telecommunications services. The pilot program will start with up to 100 exchanges in each direction in the first year, rising to 500 exchanges in the fifth year.

Workplace Skills Training Program

A Memorandum of Understanding between Australia and Indonesia will focus on skills development through a pilot program on workplace-based training.

The pilot will allow up to 200 Indonesians per year who are sponsored by an approved organisation in Australia to undertake workplace-based training in Australia for up to six months in the following sectors: education, tourism, telecommunications, infrastructure development, health, energy, mining, financial services and information communication and technology.

Work and Holiday Arrangements

Australia and Indonesia have a separate arrangement that allows Australian and Indonesian travellers aged between 18 and 30 to work and holiday in the other country for up to 12 months.

Under IA-CEPA, the annual limit of Work and Holiday visas for Indonesians will increase from the current 1,000 places to 4,100 places shortly after entry into force and will be stepped up each year to 5,000 by the sixth year.

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