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Australia in Indonesia

Portrait of Mr Gary Quinlan AO smiling


Ambassador to Indonesia, Gary Quinlan AO

Portrait of Mr Chris Barnes.


Consul-General in Surabaya, Indonesia, Chris Barnes

Portrait of Anthea Griffin


Consul-General in Bali, Indonesia, Anthea Griffin

Portrait of Richard Mathews


Consul-General in Makassar, Indonesia, Richard Mathews


  • Capital: Jakarta
  • Land Area: 1,811,570 sq km
  • Official language(s): Bahasa Indonesia
  • Population: 264.2 million (a)
  • Currency: Rupiah
  • Indonesia is the fourth (a) most populous nation, after China, India and the United States
  • Indonesia is a G20 member and has the 16th (a) largest economy in the world
  • Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim-majority country

In 2018-19

Australia’s two-way trade to Indonesia increased by 6.9 per cent

  • Australian imports from Indonesia were valued at $9.5 billion
  • Australian exports to Indonesia were valued at $8.4 billion

Australia’s key goods exports to Indonesia

  • Coal: $834.9 million
  • Live animals (excl seafood): $691.3 million
  • Crude petroleum: $643.1 million
  • Wheat: $402.7 million
  • Sugars, molasses & honey: $363.3 million

Australia’s key services exports to Indonesia

  • Personal travel — education: $935 million
  • Personal travel — excl education: $438 million
  • Transport: $174 million
  • Professional & other business services: $60 million
  • Business travel: $45 million


(a) Source IMF WEO



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