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DICE Australia

Indigenous Business Case Studies

Raymond Pratt's electrical services company is in its tenth year of operation.

An Aranta man from Alice Springs, Pratt had a swift rise as an entrepreneur, beginning with an electrical apprenticeship in the Tiwi Islands. He is now the founder and Director of DICE Australia.

Based in Darwin, DICE has become a leading electrical service provider across Australia. The company has a strong presence across the Kimberley region, delivering services for customers including the Department of Defence, Northern Territory Government, Spotless, Laing O'Rourke, Serco, Transfield and Emama Nguda Aboriginal Corporation.

DICE was originally an acronym for 'Domestic, Industrial and Commercial Electrical', but Pratt also likes to think of it as 'Dedicated to Indigenous Communities and Employment'. Through DICE Contracting, a subsidiary of DICE Australia, Pratt is able to engage other Indigenous businesses nationwide.

"We've got here not just through a lot of hard work, but also a fair bit of strategic partnering over the last few years," says Pratt. "There are many benefits from partnering with other Indigenous businesses for companies like us that are looking to expand here and internationally."

Renewable energy is a growing arm of Pratt's business. With 1.8 million Australian households and businesses now producing some of their energy needs through solar generation, DICE Australia is working to provide households with an affordable way to store their excess power and become independent from the power grid.

The company is bringing innovative and affordable renewable energy into Australian homes, including a 10KwH battery storage system, parasitic wind turbines and domestic bio-gas water heaters.

DICE Australia


Last Updated: 9 January 2019
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