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Quarry mining

Quarry Mining is a family run mining equipment, technology and services (METS) business located in Beresfield in the Hunter Valley. The firm specialises in robotic engineering solutions for the region’s coal mining industry and places a very high priority on quality control and safety. It provides a range of goods and services, from customised underground mining consumables to repair and maintenance of drilling equipment for complex mining operations.

Quarry Mining utilises Australia’s free trade agreements to export its goods and services to Asia and Latin America. Australian METS technology and know-how is well regarded in overseas markets and companies like Quarry Mining are leading by example. Quarry Mining’s soft rock drill bit – an advanced technical solution for boring into the soft rock found in Australian mining sites – is in high demand in Latin America.

“For SMEs, particularly in the mining chain, it is a big thing to showcase some of our regional areas as centres of excellence for this type of manufacturing.” Kari Armitage, Quarry Mining’s Managing Director says.

Managing Director Kari Armitage grew up in Lochinvar in the Hunter Valley and after pursuing a degree in civil engineering she returned to run the family business which employs 75 people in the local community.

“There’s so many great things to do and the mining industry provides so many great opportunities.” Kari Armitage.

Armitage is actively involved in the Hunter community and supports local rescue services as a member of the Regional Adviser Committee for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter service, and by donating company profits from the sale of the company’s Angel drill bit.

For an update of the Peru-Australia Free Trade Agreement that is set to help Australian METS businesses like Quarry Mining, read ‘Bringing it home: Trade Trifecta’ in this edition.

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