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Gelflex Laboratories, is Australia’s only manufacturer of disposable contact lenses. They export to 35 countries to improve the vision and comfort of wearers around the world.

The company employs over 250 people globally and sources materials and technology from within Australia, the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Indonesia and China. Where possible, Gelflex supports local suppliers.

Gelflex has a robust and comprehensive quality system which is critical for any medical device manufacturer selling lenses into most major markets. As the only company manufacturing disposable lenses in Australia, with facilities in Perth and Melbourne, Gelflex invests heavily in training and draws on expertise from overseas to assist in equipment design and new materials.

Gelflex takes pride in making a difference to the local population in every country in which they operate. One recent example in Indonesia was assisting a young, shy and reserved waitress with free prosthetic lenses, helping to build her confidence.

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