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Bringing it home: Trade Trifecta

The Australian Government is working to bring our bilateral trade agreements with Indonesia (IA-CEPA), Hong Kong (A-HKFTA) and Peru (PAFTA) into force as quickly as possible. Once in force, the benefits of these deals will start to flow for our exporters, service suppliers, investors and consumers. Australian industries including agriculture, manufacturing, mining, education, tourism and financial services, among others, will benefit from these deals.

Hong Kong and Peru have completed their domestic procedures to ratify A-HKFTA and PAFTA. The Indonesian Government is going through its treaty-making process to ratify IA-CEPA. Likewise, Australia is working towards ratification of the three agreements before the end of 2019.

Before the agreements enter into force, ‘guides for business’ will be made available on the DFAT website, outlining the steps businesses will need to take to access preferential tariff rates under these agreements. DFAT will update the FTA Portal to include the goods and services outcomes of the agreements, helping businesses to access market access information and compare them with other agreements.

DFAT and Austrade will also promote awareness and the use of these agreements among Australian stakeholders, including at Free Trade Agreements Information Seminars held around the country. For more information on these agreements, please go to: and seminars go to:

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