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Australia Awards: Promoting private sector development in Africa

The Australia Awards-Africa is Australia's flagship bilateral aid investment in Africa.

The program supports up to 400 African midlevel professionals from the private, civil and public sectors to study in Australia each year. Students complete Masters and short course scholarships in the key sectors of extractives, agriculture and public policy. They return from their studies with new skills that help them to drive their country's development, including through growth of the private sector, business and trade.

For example, the annual Trade Policy and Negotiations short course builds important links for Australia with key decision makers, including trade negotiators and policy makers from across Africa. The course provides knowledge on the principles of international trade and how they apply to operational challenges that obstruct trade and investment in Africa. Recipients use their knowledge to influence international and regional trade agreements, develop trade policies and apply domestic laws to foster competition and enhance productivity.

Australia has a comparative advantage in dry land farming practices, which are highly relevant for many African countries. The Agricultural Productivity Short Course builds the capacity of participants to implement sustainable agriculture and to maintain industry networks. Study in Australia includes commercial and economic components drawn from marketing, finance and policy. The practical component provides exposure to the full value chain from smallholder primary producers through to modern retailers and their consumers from both private and public sectors. The course provides a number of site visits that focus on Australian expertise and time with industry leaders in Australia and Africa.

Australia Awards values all their Alumni and the linkages they create between Australian and African people and institutions. At more than 6000, and growing, they are a vibrant community, often developing into leaders in their fields.

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Last Updated: 2 September 2019
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