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OECD review to identify options to enhance competitiveness

Office of Economic Analysis, DFAT

The OECD is undertaking a detailed study to review the Australian services sector and the role it plays in the economy. A major aim of the study will be to identify issues relevant to the international competitiveness of the sector.

With the end of the mining investment boom, Australia must maintain globally competitive service offerings. Identifying areas of advantage – and prioritising opportunities to address our services competitiveness – has never been more important.

The study will focus primarily on services that make a sizeable contribution to Australian exports or have the potential to do so. These include education, tourism, professional, financial, information technology, healthcare, mining, agricultural, environmental and transport services. It will assess constraints on the capacity of these sectors to access international markets.

The OECD is working with the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the University of Melbourne to complete the project.

DFAT has established a reference group of industry and government representatives to inform the study. Commonwealth agencies, state and territory governments and business will be provided with an opportunity to provide input.

It is envisaged that the study will include findings for future action.

Last Updated: 7 August 2017
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