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Historical documents

180 Ward to Australian Government

Cablegram B43 BANGKOK, 7 April 1949, 11.27 a.m.


Committee of the Whole concluded business today. Following is
summary of resolutions.

The Secretariat, assisted by necessary experts and consultants, to
make a study of available surveys of coal reserves in the region
and the obstacles to such surveys, study of methods of production
of power alcohol and other substitutes for petroleum and, in
consultation with F.A.O., study of the economic and social aspects
of production and the use of chemical fertilizers.

An expert sub-committee in association with the Secretariat to
make a study of the various aspects of the iron and steel

The Secretariat to make a study into facilities for the
mobilisation of financial resources in regions of industrial

The Secretariat, as a continuing function, to collect and
disseminate information on trade possibilities between Japanese
country regions and also, in conjunction with I.M.F. [1], to make
a study of the aspects of the dollar shortage in the regions.

Working Group to make a study of facilities for travelling in the
regions. Object is to stimulate tourist traffic.

The Committee of the Whole to be replaced by a Representative
Committee on Industry and Trade to meet twice a year, once between
the annual session of the Commission and once at the same time as,
or immediately before, the Commission. Meeting may be called on
requests in writing from two thirds of the members.

Latter resolution, result of joint draft by U.S.A. and United
Kingdom. Terms of reference as limiting as could be expected in
the circumstances.

Executive Secretary submitted estimate of increases of staff
necessary for the execution of the task assigned to it. Total cost
71,000 for six months. General resolution on the expansion of
staff adopted.

1 International Monetary Fund.

[AA:A1838, 383/1/2/4, i]
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