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Protocol Guidelines

7.4 Limits on numbers of vehicles under privilege

7.4.1 Official vehicles

Protocol Branch applies a quota of one vehicle for the head of mission or post and one vehicle for every two diplomatic or consular officers (but not administrative and technical staff and consular employees).

7.4.2 Personal vehicles

Accredited diplomatic and consular officers may import or purchase under privilege one vehicle for their personal use. A diplomatic or consular officer who is accompanied by one or more dependent family members may import or purchase a second vehicle under privilege, provided the dependant is a licensed driver and not an Australian citizen or permanent resident. A photocopy of the dependant's valid and current driver's licence (with, if necessary, an English translation certified by the mission or post) should accompany the application for the purchase of a second vehicle.

Administrative and technical staff and consular employees may import or purchase one vehicle under privilege within the first six months of their arrival in Australia.

Where a foreign official and spouse are both posted to Australia as diplomatic staff, consular officers, administrative and technical staff or consular employees, the mission or post should seek advice from Protocol Branch as to their joint or individual entitlements to import or purchase motor vehicles under privilege.

Last Updated: 15 February 2019
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