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Protocol Guidelines

2.4 First arrival

When a HOM-designate arrives in Australia for the first time, facilitation at the international airport can be arranged. This facilitation is also available to HOMs on their final departure from Australia.

On arrival, an Australian Border Force officer will meet the HOM-designate planeside and accompany them through arrivals procedures (immigration and baggage customs and quarantine clearance). One official from the mission may accompany the Australian Border Force officer.

To request facilitation, missions should complete an Airport Facilitation Request form (see chapter 14) and email it to Protocol Branch at least five working days before the HOM-designate's arrival.

Facilitation does not extend to escorting the HOM-designate to a domestic flight (which at some airports, notably Sydney, will require a change of terminal).

On arrival at Canberra Airport, the HOM-designate will be met by a representative of Protocol Branch if the arrival is within normal business hours. This will occur at the gate for domestic flights or in the arrivals hall for international flights into Canberra. Missions are responsible for all practical arrangements, such as baggage collection and transport.

If missions wish to access VIP rooms, they should contact the airport directly. Charges usually apply. Protocol Branch does not book airport VIP rooms in Canberra or other cities.

Last Updated: 2 November 2017
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