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Palestinian Territories Aid Program Performance Report 2013-14

Summary of publication

This report summarises progress in the Australian Government's aid program to the Palestinian Territories from July 2013 to June 2014 but also includes reference to the events in Gaza in July and August 2014 because of their probable impact on our program.

Despite major setbacks to the Middle East Peace Process, Australia's aid program to the Palestinian Territories is playing a useful role in maintaining the key enablers of economic growth (education and health services) to vulnerable Palestinians and helping to improve livelihoods. Our aid to the Palestinian Territories is well aligned with the Australian Government's new priorities for the aid program, including initiatives to promote private sector-led growth. Looking forward, in 2014-15 Australian support to the Palestinian Territories has increased by three per cent to $56.5 million, which is Australia's largest ever annual contribution to the development of the Palestinian Territories.

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Last Updated: 3 February 2015
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