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Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) Action Plan 2017-2021

The Indian Ocean Rim Association Action Plan 2017-2021 was endorsed by the IORA Membership on 6 March 2017. The Action Plan is intended to guide IORA's work program for the next five years and implement the commitments set out in the Jakarta Concord.

Download: IORA Action Plan 2017-2021 [PDF 194 KB]

Flagship initiatives

Priority area Short-term Medium-term Long-term
Promoting Maritime Safety and Security in the Region

Establish an IORA Working Group on Maritime Safety and Security

Enhance cooperation with the United Nations Offices and Agencies to support the IORA Working Group in addressing common safety and security challenges

Encourage Member States to sign the IORA MOU on Search and Rescue

Explore the establishment of the Maritime Institute of Malaysia as an IORA Centre of Excellence for Maritime Safety and Security

Implement training and capacity building programs

Implement IORA MOU on Search and Rescue

Explore further proposals for establishing IORA Centres of Excellence for Maritime Safety and Security

Explore a regional surveillance network of existing Member States institutions including sharing of data and exchange of information on maritime transportation systems.
Enhancing trade and investment cooperation in the region

Organise capacity building and technical support on regional trade and investment with a focus on the facilitation and reducing of barriers to trade including through closer collaboration with the Working Group on Trade and Investment (WGTI)

Strengthen regional cooperation for promotion of SMEs

Establish an lORA online platform (entitled 'IORA Trade Repository') to provide information on tariffs and rules of origin to assist and improve trade and business facilitation

Establish IORA Guide for Investment to help promote investment

Revitalise Indian Ocean Rim Business Forum (IORBF) as a platform to share information on trade and investment and strengthen linkages between WGTI, IORA Chambers of Commerce and private sector

Explore the possibilities of promotion and cooperation in the field of financial services among Member States

Explore the feasibility of an IORA Business Travel Card (IBTC) to enhance economic integration amongst IORA Member States

Promoting sustainable and responsible fisheries management and development

Revitalise the FSU through implementation of the FSU Action Plan

Sign an MOU with FAO and IOTC to develop regional fisheries management and information sharing

Implement joint capacity building projects with FAO and relevant organisations including aquaculture to address food security Explore an IORA Mechanism to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing

Improving resilience and responses to disaster risk management

Enhance cooperation with the Inter-governmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC-UNESCO) and other multilateral organisations and agencies

Explore creation of an IORA Centre of Excellence for Disaster Risk Management for sharing information, expertise and best practice

Implement training and capacity building programs

Develop resiliency through early warning systems, regional exercises, and training for coordinated disaster risk reduction
Strengthening academic, science and technology cooperation

Strengthen the Indian Ocean Rim Academic Group (IORAG)

Strengthen Regional Centre for Science and Technology Transfer (RCSTT)

Institutionalise the Indian Ocean Dialogue as an annual mechanism for multi-sector and 1.5 track engagement

Create a data base of higher educational institutes recognized by IORA Member States

Strengthen cooperation with universities in the Indian Ocean, including the University Mobility in the Indian Ocean Region (UMIOR)

Support RCSTT to promote science and technology

Strengthen the Indian Ocean Rim Academic Group (IORAG) through the sharing of information and knowledge

Implement training and capacity building programs

Conduct a feasibility study of an Indian Ocean Technical and Vocational University in Bangladesh

Explore cooperation projects with the International Solar Alliance and IRENA
Fostering tourism and cultural exchanges

Establish a Core Group for Tourism

Strengthen the Core Group for Culture

Conduct feasibility studies to explore the potential of cruise tourism

Establish an IORA Tourism Resource Centre and Website in the Sultanate of Oman

evelop joint capacity building projects in tourism including community-based tourism for poverty reduction, cultural heritage and eco-tourism
Harnessing and developing the Blue Economy in the Region

Establish an IORA Working Group on the Blue Economy

Implement the outcomes of the Blue Economy Core Group Workshops as well as Ministerial and High-level Expert Meetings

Develop appropriate mechanisms of cooperation for sustainable development of blue economy sectors, including training and capacity building programs Improve livelihoods of coastal communities through capacity building programs
Promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls

Establish an IORA Working Group on Women's Economic Empowerment

Establish a Women's Business Forum in the Indian Ocean Rim Business Forum (IORBF)

Establish cooperation with UN-Women and relevant organisations for capacity building and information exchange

Champion initiatives to increase women's economic empowerment such as the Women's Empowerment Principles

Implement training and capacity building programs

Organise activities and to strengthen women's economic capacity and participation in business
Strengthening the IORA Secretariat and its collaboration with stakeholders

Strengthen the IORA Secretariat's capacity to support Member States and deepen regional cooperation

Strengthen the administration and functioning of the IORA Special Fund (SF) to implement sustainable development programs

Establish cooperation with other regional bodies such as the African Union (AU) and ASEAN

Conduct public diplomacy and outreach programs

Strengthen engagement with Dialogue Partners through concrete collaboration

Hold Ministerial, High-level or Expert meetings as required to promote IORA's priority and cross-cutting areas

Deepen collaboration amongst academic, business, government, civil society as well as regional and multilateral bodies

Explore the establishment of the IORA Development Fund

Last Updated: 25 July 2017
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