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Fiji Program Support Facility Annual report summary 2018-2019

Summary of publication

Australia has enduring interest in a stable and prosperous Pacific. In Fiji, there is a strong partnership between the respective Governments with development cooperation a key part of the bilateral relationship. Australia’s development program focuses on improved delivery of health and education services, stronger governance institutions and skills training to support inclusive economic growth. Funding from Australia has built the capacity of Fiji to prepare for natural disasters, and when they do occur, provide vital support to help communities recover quickly. In Tuvalu, Australia works closely with the government to strengthen the education system and create economic growth through high quality tertiary level training opportunities. Economic and environmental resilience are fundamental to the long-term future of the country and the Australian Government is committed to supporting the people of Tuvalu in this endeavor.

The Fiji Program Support Facility (the Facility) was established in 2017 to support Australia’s delivery of education, health, governance and scholarship programs in Fiji, as well as the scholarships and education programs in Tuvalu. Over the past two years, working in close partnership with the Governments of Fiji and Tuvalu, the Facility has implemented almost half of the Australian Government’s bilateral aid program to Fiji and Tuvalu. The Facility integrates civil society engagement, gender equality, disability inclusion, emergency preparedness and response, and climate change across the programs it implements.

The Facility offers greater efficiencies, promotes coherence across programs and provides an overarching structure through which the Government of Australia can coordinate its development relationship with the governments of Fiji and Tuvalu. Alongside this, accelerated lesson learning and application of cross cutting themes drives greater development impact and effectiveness, which provides better value for money for the Australian taxpayer and stability and opportunity for the people of Fiji and Tuvalu.

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