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Environmental Policy

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

This environmental policy covers all Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) activities at the R G Casey Building in Barton, ACT. Activities incorporated under the scope of the policy include office administration functions, laboratory and information and communications technology hardware development and staging functions, transport of staff, and public facilities such as the cafeteria and childcare services.

DFAT will seek to minimise adverse environmental impacts.

In particular, DFAT is committed to:

  • Implementing effective environmental management practices to protect the environment and prevent pollution from activities under its control;
  • Complying with applicable legal requirements and with other requirements to which the department subscribes which relate to its environmental aspects;
  • Achieving continual improvement in its environmental performance and contributing to environmentally sustainable development;
  • Employing effective procedures to reduce energy consumption and the emission of greenhouse gases; in addition: investigating and identifying additional options for energy reduction, and implementing these options wherever feasible;
  • Applying the principles of waste minimisation throughout the organisation;
  • Engendering environmental awareness amongst its employees and contractors, and working together to achieve agreed environmental outcomes; and
  • Setting environmental objectives and targets, and monitoring, reviewing and reporting progress towards achieving them.

Dennis Richardson
June 2012

Last Updated: 23 July 2013
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