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Building Skills in Vanuatu

Australia Pacific Climate Partnership

Photo of locals building a house in Vanuatu.
Training construction clients to build cyclone-resilient traditional bungalows in Tafea Province through the Vanuatu Skills Partnership 'Build Local, Build Strong program'. Credit: Anthony Bailey, Vanuatu Skills Partnership.

There is a critical gap in the skills needed to respond to climate change in Pacific Island countries.

Over $1 billion in climate finance is currently flowing to the Pacific – BUT almost all the skills to deliver these programs are sourced externally.

In Vanuatu, donors are investing $80 million right now across different development sectors – in community resilience, energy, climate information services, policy and governance. Home grown skills are needed to make these programs effective locally.

The Vanuatu Skills Partnership ($21.3 million, 2017-2022), with support from Australia, is helping the Ministry of Education and Training build the skills ni-Vanuatu need to adapt to climate change and move towards clean, affordable low carbon growth in tourism, agribusiness, handicraft and construction sectors.

Women and men attending training through the Ministry's Skills Centres are learning about climate change and how it affects livelihoods and businesses in these sectors, so they can help to develop solutions. There are also specific training courses in priority skills areas, for example training for tour and bungalow operators to develop disaster action plans, and to access renewable energy.

The technical training is a great avenue for linking clients to climate information products and services, and enabling them to make sense of the trends and risks, and to develop effective local solutions in their lives and businesses.

The Partnership is also working in collaboration with government agencies to actively include the skills sector in climate change policy and planning, nationally and in the Provinces.

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Last Updated: 13 August 2019
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