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Australia’s Mekong Water Resources Program: stories from the program

Summary of publication

Australia has been supporting Mekong societies manage their water resources since the 1990s. Australia's Mekong Water Resources Program 2014–2018 is five-year program that aims to strengthen water governance across the Mekong Region. Effective water resources management is critical to water, food and energy security in the region. It is also central to economic development and local livelihoods.

Australia's Mekong Water Program focusses on strengthening the four main actors important to regional water governance: governments and regional institutions, the private sector, civil society and local researchers. It also seeks to encourage their continued and constructive engagement on the region's large-scale water challenges. The overarching challenge is to meet the region's growing demand for food, energy and water through use of its abundant resources, while minimising social and environmental consequences.

The program covers the Mekong River flowing through China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. It also supports work on some of the other major rivers of the region, including the Irrawaddy, Salween, Chao Phraya, Nam Ou and Red rivers.

As part of our new program, DFAT will share stories from across program activities every six months through this newsletter.

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Last Updated: 8 July 2015
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