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Australia Awards in Africa (2016-2020): investment design

Summary of publication

Australia Awards in Africa (2016-2020) will promote and support Australian development and economic diplomacy objectives in Sub-Saharan Africa through:

  • alumni returning from their scholarship with new skills that help them to contribute to their country's development
  • Australia being recognised and valued by African nations as a partner and source of expertise, and
  • relationships formed between Australian and African people and organisations, which strengthens ties and cooperation.

Over the next four years, around 1,200 mid- to senior-level professionals from a range of countries in Sub-Saharan Africa will receive a Master's level education or short course training, delivered by institutions showcasing Australian expertise in extractives, agricultural productivity and public policy. Australia Awards will continue to build on the existing network of approximately 5,000 alumni by providing professional development and networking opportunities, including for privately-funded alumni of Australian institutions. Women's leadership and strategic management opportunities will continue to strengthen the sustainability and development outcomes of the program and promote gender equity. The program will pursue private sector and civil society partnerships to improve program effectiveness, relevance and to leverage existing Australian investment. Australia Awards will maintain Australia's profile as a committed and responsive partner in Africa's development and as a provider of high quality education and training.

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Last Updated: 4 August 2015
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