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Australian Ambassadors and other representatives

Deputy Head of Mission, United States of America

Ms Katrina Cooper

Ms Cooper is a senior career officer with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. She commenced as Deputy Head of Mission at the Australian Embassy in Washington in October 2017. Previously, she served as Australia's Ambassador to Mexico (2008–2012), with non-resident accreditation to Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Panama. She was Counsellor in Port Moresby (2002–05) and Second Secretary, Santiago de Chile (1995–1998).

Ms Cooper's last placement in Canberra was Senior Legal Advisor. She is a Women in Leadership champion and served on the Steering Committee for the Network of Women Diplomats Australia.

Ms Cooper holds a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws with Honours from the Australian National University. She is an Australian legal practitioner and has been admitted to the Supreme Court of the ACT.

Last Updated: 1 December 2017
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