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Open Grants Process – Cyber Cooperation Program

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is pleased to invite project proposals for Australia's Cyber Cooperation Program.

The Cyber Cooperation Program provides the framework to partner with countries in the Indo-Pacific region so they are equipped to respond to the opportunities and challenges presented by the growth of the global Internet and digital technologies.

Australia's investment in the Cyber Cooperation Program is $34 million over seven years (2016-2023), a substantial investment to support Australia's broader international cyber engagement, which champions an open, free and secure cyberspace.

Projects funded by the Cyber Cooperation Program aim to improve cyber resilience across the full spectrum of cyber affairs – including promoting understanding of how international law, norms and confidence building measures apply in cyberspace; enhancing cyber security; building cybercrime capacity; promoting respect for human rights and democratic principles online; and encouraging the use of digital technologies to achieve sustainable development.

The Cyber Cooperation Program's geographic focus is the Indo-Pacific (with a specific focus on ASEAN and the South West Pacific), to help build regional cyber resilience and maximise where Australia's efforts will have the greatest impact. 

The Cyber Cooperation Program's success is based on its strong partnerships model. Australia works with organisations that have well-established capabilities and complementary objectives – including industry, academia, civil society, Australian Government agencies and other like-minded donors. By partnering with countries across the Indo-Pacific, and combining knowledge and resources, we are able to advance and protect our collective interests in cyberspace.

The Cyber Cooperation Program Open Grants process seeks to support innovative approaches to achieving Cyber Cooperation Program outcomes, either by partnering with new implementing partners or working in new sectors. The Open Grants process will prioritise proposals that focus on the following areas:

  1. Building cyber security and incident response capability for a strong and resilient cyber security posture within critical sectors;
  2. Advocating and protecting human rights and democracy online; and
  3. Mainstreaming gender equality within cyber affairs.

The Open Grants process is available to Australian and non-Australian academic institutions, non-government organisations, regional and multilateral organisations and the private sector.

To apply

Read the supporting documentation below and complete an application form in SmartyGrants before the deadline of 1700 Friday 14 February 2020. Applicants will need to register an account in SmartyGrants if they have not used it previously.

Any questions should be sent to All questions and answers and any resulting addenda to the grant guidelines will be published on the DFAT Business Opportunities page so that all organisations have equal access to information.


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