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Invitation to register interest to deliver services through the Pacific Labour Facility

23 October 2017

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) invites organisations to register their interest in delivering services for the Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS) and the Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP) through the Pacific Labour Facility (PLF). This invitation is targeted at organisations that have an interest and expertise in delivering aspects of the Pacific Labour Scheme but who do not have the capacity to implement the Pacific Labour Facility in its entirety as outlined in the Expression of Interest for the Implementation of the Pacific Labour Facility.

DFAT is seeking organisations that have expertise in providing a range of specialised services. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • capacity building of labour sending units in Pacific island countries;
  • pre-departure briefings;
  • employee pastoral care and support services;
  • web-based, mobile or other technologies to support labour mobility and remittances in the Pacific
  • skills and training for employees;
  • re-integration services for returning employees; and,
  • research in to the social and economic impacts of Pacific labour mobility.

In order to register interest organisations are asked to provide DFAT with the following information:

  • Name of organisation
  • Name and contact details of nominated contact
  • Services interested in providing
  • Brief overview of expertise

This should be no longer than one page and should be sent to by close of business on 27 November 2017.

DFAT will compile this information into a Register of interested service providers (PLF Service Providers) which will then be provided to organisations shortlisted to implement the Pacific Labour Facility (PLF Implementing Organisations). In submitting their information, PLF Service Providers agree to DFAT sharing information with PLF Implementing Organisations. This does not place any obligations on DFAT or PLF Implementing Organisations to use PLF Service Providers.


The Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS) will enable citizens of Pacific island countries to take up low and semi‑skilled work opportunities in rural and regional Australia for up to three years. The Scheme will:

  • commence in July 2018 with an initial intake of up to 2,000 workers and with an initial focus on Kiribati, Nauru and Tuvalu but then progressively expanding to other Pacific island countries;
  • focus on sectors with projected employment growth in Australia and which match Pacific island skills;
  • be employer-sponsored and require labour market testing to ensure Australians have priority for jobs;
  • contain protections to safeguard against worker exploitation.

The Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP), provides access to seasonal work for Pacific island countries and Timor-Leste in the Australian agriculture sector, and accommodation and tourism sectors in selected locations. The Programme has provided over 17,000 jobs to Pacific island workers since starting in 2012.

The Pacific Labour Facility (PLF) will be established to connect Pacific workers with Australian employers and provide comprehensive services to administer the PLS in partnership with DFAT. The PLF will also provide targeted support for the SWP managed by the Department of Employment. Services will include:

  • increasing the quality of training and supply of workers;
  • promoting the Scheme with Australian employers;
  • providing pastoral care services for workers in Australia;
  • supporting the return of Pacific workers to their local communities and economies; and
  • monitoring the social and economic impacts of the labour mobility arrangements.


Last Updated: 23 October 2017
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