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A DFAT Competitive Aid Grant Program Opportunity in the Palestinian Territories

Australia Middle East NGO Cooperation Agreement Phase Three (AMENCA 3): Palestinian Farmers Connecting to Markets program

The Australian Middle East NGO Cooperation Agreement (AMENCA) is a DFAT aid program, initiated in 2005 in the Palestinian Territories. The current six-year, $39 million second phase (AMENCA 2) started in 2009 and ended in August 2015. The program has been a key component of Australia's bilateral aid to the Palestinian Territories and a vehicle for a decade of collaboration between Australian aid and Palestinian civil society organisations.

Since 2009, AMENCA 2 has directly benefited over 100,000 Palestinians, more than half of whom were women. It has enabled some 8,660 poor farmers and over 2,500 small businesswomen to raise their incomes by an average of 47 % and AMENCA 2 farmers were able to produce additional food valued at more than $100 million.

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DFAT will now implement a third phase of AMENCA. AMENCA 3: Palestinian Farmers Connecting to Markets will run for five years (over six financial years) with a budget of $40 million. It will bolster the Palestinian National Authority's efforts to make farming a driver of economic growth and a tool for strengthening community fabric. Building on the achievements of AMENCA 2, it will draw on market development approaches to focus more on agricultural value chains and working with the private sector. It will improve the competitiveness of Palestinian farmers, helping them connect to markets in a sustainable way, increasing the incomes of small farming communities and empowering women and youth in those communities.

DFAT will select up to four Australian NGO-led consortia to participate in AMENCA 3 through competitive aid grants. To be eligible for a grant, NGOs must: be fully accredited with DFAT's Australian NGO Cooperation Agreement (ANCP) program; be a signatory to the ACFID Code of Conduct; and have a record of effective implementation of development activities in the Palestinian Territories or a comparable environment, preferably in the Middle East, in the past five years.

The Investment Design Framework and Competitive Aid Grant Guidelines for AMENCA 3 are available below. Enquiries regarding this competitive aid grant process can be directed to the AMENCA 3 Program Manager at

DFAT retains the right to suspend, terminate or change any aspect of this competitive aid grant opportunity.

Investment Design Framework


Competitive Aid Grant Guideline


Last Updated: 15 September 2017
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