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Australia and the world


Foreign investment is crucial to Australia's economy. It improves competition and productivity, encourages innovation and gives Australia opportunities to diversify and expand its economy, create more jobs and contribute more broadly to regional and global markets.

Collaborative meeting in drug substance manufacturing (Amgen)

Australia's highly skilled workforce, robust economy, trusted legal system and stable society make the country an attractive location for foreign investors. The stock of foreign investment in Australia was A$3 trillion at the end of 2015.

A large number of foreign companies are registered in Australia and many have developed close links with local firms. This has generated cooperation on research and development and resulted in Australian companies becoming integral parts of regional and global supply chains.

One of the world's largest biotech companies, AMGEN from California, invests about A$35 million in local research and development in Australia annually and has been conducting clinical trials in Australia for over 20 years. The company markets eight products in Australia for the treatment of cancer, kidney disease, bone disease and other serious illnesses and employs nearly 150 people in five cities around the country.

Five reasons to invest in Australia

  1. 25 years of uninterrupted growth

    Australia's strong, diverse and growing economy adds up to more opportunities.

  2. World-class innovation

    Australia's quality research institutions and commitment to innovation make it a proven destination for bringing new ideas to life.

  3. World's fastest growing region

    With strong trade links, strategic location and a highly educated, multilingual workforce, Australia is uniquely positioned as a location to do business in the Indo-Pacific.

  4. Easy to run a business

    A well-regulated and transparent commercial environment makes it easy to establish and operate a business in Australia.

  5. Highly skilled workforce

    Australia's multilingual workforce is among the most educated in the world.

Last Updated: 22 August 2016
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