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Australia and the world

Foreign aid

Weaver at the Australian Government supported Dhaka weaving centre, Nepal (Jim Holmes, DFAT)

Australia's aid program is dedicated to promoting prosperity, reducing poverty and enhancing stability through sustainable economic growth.

The focus of Australia's aid program is on its neighbourhood, where it can make the most difference. More than 90 per cent of bilateral and regional funding will be invested in the Indo-Pacific region.

Australia works with the private sector, and promotes private sector growth in partner countries, to create jobs, boost incomes and increase economic security.

The priority areas for Australia's aid investments are:

  • Infrastructure, trade facilitation and international competitiveness
  • Agriculture, fisheries and water
  • Effective governance
  • Education and health
  • Building resilience
  • Gender equality and empowering women and girls.

Additional information on Australia's aid program

An artist's impression of the Cao Lanh bridge in Vietnam's Mekong Delta. Australia is investing $160 million in the design and construction of the bridge which is expected to open in 2017 (Australian Embassy Vietnam)
Last Updated: 22 August 2016
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